Saturday, 24 July 2010

.:LusCiouS:. Designs Grand Opening

Hi everyone!

First of all, we are very sorry for the low amount of posts lately, and thank you all for all the interest in this blog. We are really happy that people keep coming back even when we dont post that much!
The Thing is that we've been busy working on our own Brand .:LusCiouS:. Designs 

Today we opened our first two shops Feel Free to visit em both:

.:LusCiouS:. MainStore *Freebie & LuckyChair

.:LusCious:. Designs @  Lisboa e Tejo ( LeT )  *NEW SIM have a look :)


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Walk in the Park


.:Hair:. [:::{{trico}}:::] - past GROUP GIFT
.:Dress:. [.:Shush:.] - Kiss me dress silver
.:AO:. [::iMagz::]INdifferente-I-AO
.:Skin:. [PACADI] - Hypnose Skin Line/SunDay_1a NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:. [*KL*] - Mary-Janes Francine Silver HiGloss/Silver Trim


.:Skin:. [Miasnow] - Skin - ADAM Tan 1 ~hair
.:Hair:. [Uw.St] - Reed-Hair
.:Outfit:. [INDI] - Rico (Includes Shirt and Pants)
.:Shoes:. [Kalnins Shoes] - Crossyard v1.21

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sweet Green

.:Hair:. [Addict] - Solange/Soil
.:Skin:. [PACADI] - Hypnose Skin Line/Apple_4b NEW RELEASE
.:Necklace:. [Sole Lily] - leather Necklace GROUP GIFT:::
.:AO:. [::iMagz::]INdifferente-I-AO
.:Flats:. [ Cynful ]BasicFlaties
.:Top:. [ Cynful ]Beertilicious - Khaki
.: Shorts:. [Shush] - Cargo pants techie

Monday, 5 July 2010

Leu & the Statue

.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - eyes of TRUTH - brown 6 (less veins)
.:Hair:. [TRUTH] - Marnie Streaked - swedish
.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - RAINBOW tan 2 *lt brow
.:Dress:. [CandyDoll] - Yanisa Campo Flowers NEW RELEASE
.:Flip Flops:. [+ADDiCTIA+] - Tropica Flip Flops - Tiki Vanilla Snow

Train Terrorist

.:Skin:. [LaVie]Noah V2 Clean Eyeliner Pale
.:Eyes:. [MIASNOW]Eyes - CARNIE ace blue
.:Ski Mask:. [TonkTastic] - 3 hole ski mask
.:Gaz Mask:. [Necronom] - CYBER GAS MASK 
.:Tanktop:. [*FIR*]Wife Beater Black
.:Jeans:. [Action]Unisex Denim Jeans Rolled - Misc 01 (Layer 02)
.:Boots:. [][Opium]Grunge_Boots
.:Guns:. [Section5]* RAFS * S5U * MALE Edition
.:Arms:. [TonkTastic] - Urban Arm Belts

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blue Clown

.:Shape:. [~Hourglass~] Curio (Winter) Shape *Down The Chimney Hunt Ed.* PAST HUNT
.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] Skin - DARLIN Clown ~blue hearts NEW RELEASE
.:Eyes:. [MIASNOW] Eyes - CARNIE ace blue NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [!lamb.] Stargaze - Pale
.:Outfit:. [.:shush:.] Open view dress grey blue
.:Fishnet:. [.:Shush:.] fishnet baby blue
.:Bots:. [Action] Unisex Chukka Boot - Lavender NEW RELEASE
.:Poses:. [::iMagz::] INdifferente-I-AO

D KlownZ


.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - DARLIN Clown ~purple hearts NEW RELEASE
.:Eyes:. [MIASNOW] - Eyes - CARNIE heart purple NEW RELEASE
.:Cigarette:. [Dermagraphicus Rex!] - Cigarette
.:Hair:. [!lamb.] - Oh Sugar - Powder w/ Black Roots
.:Tattoo:. [actchio.] - ladyskulls tattoo
.:Shirt:. [>>> moloko <<<] - Cut-X Shirt black
.:Jeans:. [>>> moloko <<<] - Jeans > 1 < Black
.:Flats:. [Action] - Womens Espadrille Flats - Bistro


.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - ACE Clown Dark
.:Hair:. [Uw.St] - Roy-Hair type-B size-L black
.:Tongue:. [-RC-] - La Lengua
.:Shirt:. [*BOOM*] - Black Plain Shirt
.:Pants:. [/artilleri/] - Jonas jeans
.:Sneakers:. [AKEYO] - AKIDAZ III

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Riper

.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - ACE Clown Pale
.:Eyes:. [MIASNOW] - Eyes - CARNIE ace blue
.:Outfit:. [*Mire*] - Ripper 
.:Boots:. [WMD] - ROT Test Boots Multicolour

Rock The House


.:Skin:. [RedGrave] - 03b Deep-Tan Skin -Cruz- /3daybeard+hair+bodyhair *REDGRAVE*
.:Pants:. [RedGrave] - Dirty Jeans No.1 --Dirty-- REDGRAVE
.:Helmet. Mask. Arms:. [Tigerclaw] - TC military look SET VER 4.5 Gift
.:Boots:. [Tigerclaw] - TC-boots 2009 Nc_olive-16.5 gift no 5 Gift
.:Belt:. [Tigerclaw] - Leather belt VER 2.0 SOJU Gift
.:Flying thing:. [Tigerclaw] - Dron tigerclaw ver 1.0 Gift


.:Hair:. [""D!va""] - Hair "Haruka" Group gift limited hair!
.:Skin:. [dekade.] - SKINS -Brooke- Sunkissed/B Brows/GIFT
.:Top:. [Ducknipple] layered - Black / Blue HUNT GIFT
.:Jeans:. [MIASNOW] - Clothing - JEANS SUNDAY distressed denim
.:Fats:. [Action] - Womens Espadrille Flats - Paradise
.:Pose:. [-RC-] - Rock The Mic (includes the mic)

Robot Cyber Bunker

.:Full Avatar:. [ORALUNE] - robot cyber bunker/./. GIFT

Friday, 2 July 2010

Elf Life

.:Skin:. [Mynerva] Elise Pretty in Pink Blush Tan
.:Ears:.[ Mynerva] Elven Chrono-plugs Silver
.:Hair:. [.:MINA:.] Megan - Cranberry NEW RELEASE
.:Flats:. [ Cynful ] BasicFlaties NEW RELEASE
.:Top:. [ Cynful ] Stripilicious - salmon NEW RELEASE
.:Skirt:. [Shush] Fluffly skirt white

White Doll

.:Hair:. [.+*AA*+.] - Miu *Umber
.:Skin:. [KOSH] - VEE SKIN -dawn- cymo NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:. [Bliensen + MaiTai] - Kiss the Bride - Pumps NEW RELEASE

La Folie

.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] PROMISE eyes - brown pale 11
.:Skin:. [PACADI] Hypnose Skin Line/light_5a NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [Exile] Kyanna/golddust
.:Dress:. [.:Shush:.] A la folie dress blue
.:Ring:. [JCNY] - NOIR LOVE, Black Diamond Combo Ring
.:Sandals:. [*H&S*] Diamonds PAST HUNT GIFT

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Blue Mood

.:Skin:. [!Imabee:] Pale & Coffee - Lucy - Lucy Cried All Night PAST GROUP GIFT 
.:Hair:. [""D!va""] Hair "Chizuru" GROUP GIFT  
.:Dress:. [Shush] Delicious dress blue NEW RELEASE 
.:Shoes:. [IHS] Bows Bows Blue Plaid FREEBIE STORE 

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

sun burnT

.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - Hair::. ~ FURY No Bangs ~ NB III NEW RELEASE
.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Noah V2 Stubble Hair Base EyeLiner Pale Haired
.:Shape:. [MADesigns]LONE by .::MADesigns::. NEW RELEASE
.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - Eyes_Loneliness - an alien NEW RELEASE
.:Sun Burnt:. [INDI] - Sunburn medium (M) 
.:Shorts:. [INDI] - Cargo Shorts Black
.:Sneakers:. [INDI] - O'Neal White 

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cynful Leu

.:Skin:. [-SU!-] - Anne Skin Medium 14
.:Hair:. [""D!va""] - Hair "Akane" GROUP GIFT
.:Jacket:. [.: A&M :.] - Punk Baby Outfit - Black Leather Jacket
.:Shorts:. [ Cynful ] - Chrizzpy - HighWaist -Short NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:. [Bliensen + MaiTai] - Kiss the Bride - Pumps - NEW RELEASE

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Red Asian Dress

.:Hair:. [Action] Womens Hair Charlotte.2 - Auburn NEW RELEASE 
.: Skin:. [PF] Ember - Fate (dkbrow) + hair NEW RELEASE 
.:Shoes:. :] TARA [:: Madly Tied to His Feet *Btfly*  Red 
.:Dress:. aDIVA Couture Candy (comes with hand bag) 

Cotton Candy

.:Outfit:. [ROOTS] - 00D10035 
.:Bracers:. [SiniStyle] - Azazel Bracers 
.:Hair:. [rQ] - Resist NEW RELEASE 
.:sKIN:. [LaVie] - Demi v2 011 Normal_cleavage NEW RELEASE 
.:Boots:. [Little Britain] - New Rock High Black Platform Boots 
.:Kart:. [Action] - Action Cotton Candie Kart (13 prims) 

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Walk on the Beach

.:Skin:. [RedGrave] - 04b Deep-Tan Skin -Cruz- /linebeard+hair+bodyhair *REDGRAVE*
.:Hair:. [BeReal] - // Ambient Hair Black
.:Shirt:. [:Mashooka:] - {Men's} summer shirt open [orange-yellow]
.:Pants:. [Havok] - {HAV} Wild Night /w Belt Denim
.:Sneakers:. [FluxBox] - Bum Crack Black left

Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Night Look

.:Skin:. [LaVie] Demi v2 003 Pale _cleavage NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [Novocaine] - Haruka - champagne
.:Top:. [ROOTS] 00T10001
.:Socks:. [ROOTS] 00L10001.S(80 Den)
.:Skirt:. [ROOTS] 00JS10024 NEW RELEASE
.:Boots:. [*RG*] Girls' Bikers RELOADED -Black
.:Pasties:. [MJs] ST Leopard - Dress - Pasties

Circus Time

.:Hair:. [""D!va""] - "Chisa" (Smoke topaz) GROUP GIFT 
.:Skin:. [PF] - Ember - Fate (redbrow/freck) NEW RELEASE 
.:Chucks:. [FluxBox] - Black & White Crack HUNT GIFT 
.:Dress:. [salt.] - crochet me away tankdress- GROUP GIFT

Cyber Style

.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Liam Skin Gift Tan
.:Hair:. [MADesigns HAIR] -  ~ RUSS ~ NB III v2.0
.:Eye:. [Nibiru] - *np* optical implant 1.7 Large
.:Mask:. [Nibiru] - *NP* Silenced mask 4.0
.:Arm:. [Urufu] - Quadruple Helix Cybernetic Arm
.:Back:. [Nibiru] - *NP* Catalyst Nanocores
.:Pants:. [/artilleri/] - Jonas jeans
.:Shoes:. [Hybrid Prod] - Craft Shoe Black (Left)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Summer Collections

.:Skin:. [Just Me] Jenifer SK - 9 - CL & HB NEW RELEASE
.: Hair:. [PR!TTY] : Karluhh Hair :] :Brunette:
.:Tops:. [PixelDolls] Papillon . Teal . Top on all layers w prims; Beau . Antique . Top on all layers w prims; Reve Top . Rose . NEW COLLECTION
.:Sandals:. [TARA] ToP MegA Heels Empress Silver NEW RELEASE
.:Accessories:. [Fusion] Feather Charm Set (Silver) NEW RELEASE
.:Shorts:. [LIF] chill jeans shorts plain NEW RELEASE

Brown Leather


.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Noah V2 Clean Pale
.:Cap:. [AKEYO] - Cap_SWAT
.:Jacket:. [Aoharu] - LE.LOOK! l'homme - Jacket 
.:Pants:. [DeeTaleZ] - Pants Men tweed pants grey 
.:Boots:. [RedGrave] - Biker Boots -Mud- // 


.:Skin:. [PF] - Ember - Royal (redbrow) NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [TRUTH] - Lara - swedish 
.:Outfit:. [MJs] - The Bronze Lady BOX (complete outfit: includes pants, jacket, two types of tops, shoes, gloves and belt) 

Cleom Designs Bedroom

.:Bedroom:. [Cleom Designs] - Full Bedroom (includes bed with single and couple's poses, kettle cupboardd, hair brush, shelf, closet with mirror, side table with lamp, all scripted)

White Sensation

.:Skin:. [LaVie] Demi v2 005 Bronze _cleavage ( Demi is was released in 5 skin Tones and 15 makeup options, each Makeup comes with a haired Base as well as the cleavage option, a bonus skin with cat liner comes with each makeup.) NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [!SyDS! Hair] Je t'aime... moi non plus - Cafe
.:Dress:. [Sassy Kitty Designs] Baby Got Lace Dress White (Group Gift)
.:Leather Vest:. [AOHARU] BT_LeatherRidersVest_SilverWhite
.:Shoes:. [TARA] AnkleHigh Heels LuXury White NEW RELEASE

Home Sweet Home

.:Hair:. [Maitreya] Nimue - Red
.:Skin:. [PF] Ember - Gossip
.:Outfit:. [LeeL] Modern Love Outfit
.:Boots:. [Kookie] Vintage Armarda Boots
.:Couch:. [dollipops] * comfy couch. (comes with poses and texture changer) NEW RELEASE
.:Skibox:. [KOSH] TENDER SUGAR SKYBOX -23 prims-

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Big Bird's Nest

.:Full Avatar:. [Traum]Wild Legion Eagle Male Bald  NEW RELEASE

av from traum with 100% sculpted prims with REAL shadow baked textures.

a TRAUM animation hud with

sits,walks, Groundstands, run, jump, falling, flight ao and many more

Flying Dr0iDFac3

.:Skin:. [Fallen Gods] - ESANGUE xy War dark lips
.:Head:. [Nibiru] - Avyon Skull bore 2.0
.:Mask:. [Nibiru] - Optic Augment PT6
.:Neck:. [Nibiru] - Missing Link v13 M
.:Arms:. [Urufu] - S.U.M.A. arms
.BackPack:. [TigerClaw] - Booster Bag v14.0
.:Shorts:. [Super Possessed] - Part of "Marauder Outfit"
.:Boots:. [TigerClaw] - Combat Boots v1.0

Red Haired Leopard Girl

.:Skin:. [Mynerva] - Cynthia Maple Syrup (cleavage)
.:Eyes:. [Mynerva] - SoulHeart Eyes - GreenWood
.:Hair:. [LeLutka] - LEA2 hair - FireTop
.:Outfit:. [MJs] - The Summer time. Leopard Trikini&Dress (includes trikini, dress, accessories, Sandals)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

See You in My Dreams...


.:Full Outfit:. [Super Possessed] - Revenant~BOXED


.:Eyes:. [Plastik] (T.P)-OniCollection-Magicka-Reed 
.:Hair:. [TRUTH] Lourdes - crow 
.:Taped Fist:. [SiniStyle] Taped Fist 
.:Leggings:. [*LP*] Feb leggings 
.:Outfit:. [Mj's] The Seduction in Black BOX 
 .:Boots:. [TheAbyss] NAU Combat Boots 

Friday, 18 June 2010

Vintage Friday

.:Hair:. [fri.] - Victoria.2 - Dramatic Red
.:Skin:. [*Just Me*] Ashley SK - 12 - CL & HB
.:Dress:. [.salt.] jetbeaded shiner vintage cocktail dress
.:Sandals:. [Maitreya] Gold - Esprit-Xtd Chocolate

Naughty Girl

.:Skin: [Pink Fuel] Ember - Gossip (dkbrow) + hair
.:Hair:. [Magika] Hair - Charming - Brown D
.:Shorts: [KHUSH] - Leia Hotpants - Black
.:Shirt: [KHUSH] - Loose shirt (Black)
.:Sneakers:. [Eret!ka VS Soul's Stret] SOUL's - black and white

Thursday, 17 June 2010

D Cyber Dem0N

.:Head:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* BioMantis Set (MALE ONLY)
.:Arms:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* Color change oln elite Braces (unisex)
.:Belt:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* Drudge Belt
.:Legs:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* Oln CyberDemon Hooves
.:Skin:. [Hybrid Prod] - Skin : Prophecies Black Chrome (M)

PinK PassioN

.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - eyes of TRUTH - brown 6 (less veins)
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ EUDORA ~ Copper rust
.:Skin:. [PF] - Ember - Candy NEW RELEASE
.:Body Suit:. [Izzie's] - Frill Suit magenta
.:Shoes:. [B&G] - WOMAN SHOE MELODY - BLANCO - T714

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Summer Sunset

.:Skin:.[ *Just Me*] Ashley SK - 18 - HB
.:Hair:. [.:EMO-tions:.] * KIM * /deepblack NEW RELEASE
.:Dress:. [salt.] summer romance vintage sundress
.:Shoes:. [*YS & YS*] RaiMbow Shoes Bianca

CybEr's r' Us


.:Skin:. [Fallen Gods] - GORAN +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Skin + Boxeur
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ SPARK ~ ASHG I
.:Belt:. [Hybrid Prod] - BOJUJU Skirt Black (Male Fit)
.:Arms:. [Urufu] - Juggernaught Cybernetic Arms
.:Legs:. [Urufu] - Iron Cybernetic Unisex Legs (I.C.U.L.) [boxed]
.:JetPack:. [Urufu] - Jetpack Boxed


.:Hair:. [::::Iren::::] STEAM Hunt past Gift
.:Skin:. [Plastik]-Bael-SpecialEd-NewYork (includes eyes)
.:Outfit:. [MJ's] DevilGirl (Includes Horns, Rings, Boots)
.:Cyber Arm:. [Urufu] Iron Cybernetic Arm Female
.:Cyber Legs:. [Urufu] Iron Cybernetic Unisex Legs (I.C.U.L.)

oh not this robot again...


.:Full Avatar:. [NiMMuE] - B-Series White


.:Hair:. [JUNWAVE] Delila*Black*
.:Skin:. [*Just Me*] Ashley SK - 18 NEW RELEASE
.:Dress:. [Izzie's] - Corset Dress blue
.:Shoes:. [::TARA::] Stiletto Point G Black NEW RELEASE
.:Bangles:. [Izzie's] - *A* Wood Bangles black

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Playground Love

Leuviah's Styling card:

.:Skin:. [::: I CE COCO :::] Scarlett
.:Hair:. [ATOMIC] Hair_Nicole - Soil
.:Accessories:. [~Scribble~] Ever After Mouth Feather
.:Sweater:. [AMERIE] - StripedSweater (Pink)
.:Shorts:. [LeeZu!] FEMME Desert Jeans /blue denim NEW RELEASE
.:Boots:. [ROT] Test Boots Multicolour

I can go anywhere

Leuviah's Styling card

.:Hair:. [!lamb.] Ghost - Snickers
.:Outfit:. [PixelDolls] Margerite (. Shirt Dress . On All Layers) NEW RELEASE
.:Skin:. [*Just Me*] Ashley D - 11 - CL & HB NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:. [::TARA::] Stiletto Point G Black NEW RELEASE
.:Bangles:. [Izzie's] - *A* Wood Bangles black and white

Monday, 14 June 2010

Grunged Cyber Steampunk

.:Skin:. [Fallen Gods] - GORAN +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Portrait Skin
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ JUSTIN ~ NB III
.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - THE HAPPENING - green ambaressment
.:Suit:. [Hybrid Prod] - Blacknight Suit (Boxed)
.:Uzis:. [Section5] - RAFS * S5U - MALE * UziGuN * { Holstered Right}
.:Claws:. [Section5] - * S5 INDUSTRA CLAWS *
.:Boots:. [Section5] - Steampunk Cyber Mixed Neko Pawboots
.:Wings:. [Section5] - Time Cats ^^ {Steam-CyberPunk mixed} Wings V2.1

I Love the Valley

.:Hair:.[LeLutka] -LEA2 hair - Bambie
.:Skin:. [-SU!-] Anne Skin Medium 11
.:Bra:. [Zaara] : LE.LOOK! bra *white*
.:Dress:.[:::LiNe:::] Sudeniz Lilac NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:.[::] TARA ::] Superb High Heels Purple/white

Necronom's TimeWarP

.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ ANGUS ~ ASHB II
.:Skin:. [Red Grave] - 05b Deep-Tan Skin -Cruz- /chinbeard+hair+bodyhair *REDGRAVE*
.:Mask:. [Necronom] - Cyber gas Mask
.:Heart:. [Necronom] - cyberheart 2.0
.:Arm:. [Necronom]CYBERARM BOX
.:Legs:. [Necronom]NINJA CYBER LEGS 

*The Pic was taken inside the Necronom Mall you should definitely have a look, great place.
Also you must check the upcoming project at Necronom, an awesome game inworld, be amazed:
Sneak Peak

More info at:

Sunday, 13 June 2010


.:Skin:. [Belleza] - LE.LOOK! l'homme - Skin - Thomas v2 LE LOOK
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ JIN ~ DBR II
.:Outfit:. [SuperPossessed]Marauder  ~ Super Possessed


Candy babe

Leuviah's Styling card:

.:Skin:. [Lara Skin]-Mikaela(gift)
.:Hair:. [>TRUTH<] Lara - swedish
.:Hoodie:. [*C:K*] Haesy Kitty Hoodie - Pink
.:Jeans:. [*LP*] Molniya jeans black/white
.:Sneackers:. [League] Shin Boots & High Tops Fatpack

The Man and the Myth

.:Hair:. [Buried] - [-B-] Ash / +Midnight+
.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - ADAM Goth 1
.:Pants:. [Action] - Unisex Denim Jeans
.:Belt:. [PIXELBODY] - Belt Rockstar - Canvas3
.:Watch:. [Maschienenwerk] - Animated_Digi_Watch
.:Boots:. [Delirium] - D.O.A Boots
.:Tshirt:. [T Junction] - The Man The Myth
.:Eyes:. [ DNA ] - .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 01_] [_EYES_] [_WHITE_]

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Silent Circus

Leuviah's Styling card

.:Skin:. [Curio] Petal-Elf-Soot :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Soot 1
.:Hair:. [W&Y] HAIR 55 *TYPE*A
.:Outfit:. [PIG] - Pig - Darling Baby Seal Eggshell
.:Boots:. [.*Courtisane*.] Marie Lu FOOT

.:Furniture: [KOSH] NEW RELEASE
KOSH- SILENT CIRCUS -SET- [black] - for zombiepopcorn carnival deco


.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Noah V2 Clean Pale
.:Hair:. [Anaphora] - Brian_Shades Seal Black
.:Outfit:. [SM] - VIOR UNDER BROWN

On 15th the amazing ZOMBIEPOPCORNSL CARNIVAL OPENS ITS GATES FOR YOU! we have some amazing specials there for you!
watch out for notice tomorrow!