Wednesday, 30 June 2010

sun burnT

.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - Hair::. ~ FURY No Bangs ~ NB III NEW RELEASE
.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Noah V2 Stubble Hair Base EyeLiner Pale Haired
.:Shape:. [MADesigns]LONE by .::MADesigns::. NEW RELEASE
.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - Eyes_Loneliness - an alien NEW RELEASE
.:Sun Burnt:. [INDI] - Sunburn medium (M) 
.:Shorts:. [INDI] - Cargo Shorts Black
.:Sneakers:. [INDI] - O'Neal White 

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cynful Leu

.:Skin:. [-SU!-] - Anne Skin Medium 14
.:Hair:. [""D!va""] - Hair "Akane" GROUP GIFT
.:Jacket:. [.: A&M :.] - Punk Baby Outfit - Black Leather Jacket
.:Shorts:. [ Cynful ] - Chrizzpy - HighWaist -Short NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:. [Bliensen + MaiTai] - Kiss the Bride - Pumps - NEW RELEASE

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Red Asian Dress

.:Hair:. [Action] Womens Hair Charlotte.2 - Auburn NEW RELEASE 
.: Skin:. [PF] Ember - Fate (dkbrow) + hair NEW RELEASE 
.:Shoes:. :] TARA [:: Madly Tied to His Feet *Btfly*  Red 
.:Dress:. aDIVA Couture Candy (comes with hand bag) 

Cotton Candy

.:Outfit:. [ROOTS] - 00D10035 
.:Bracers:. [SiniStyle] - Azazel Bracers 
.:Hair:. [rQ] - Resist NEW RELEASE 
.:sKIN:. [LaVie] - Demi v2 011 Normal_cleavage NEW RELEASE 
.:Boots:. [Little Britain] - New Rock High Black Platform Boots 
.:Kart:. [Action] - Action Cotton Candie Kart (13 prims) 

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Walk on the Beach

.:Skin:. [RedGrave] - 04b Deep-Tan Skin -Cruz- /linebeard+hair+bodyhair *REDGRAVE*
.:Hair:. [BeReal] - // Ambient Hair Black
.:Shirt:. [:Mashooka:] - {Men's} summer shirt open [orange-yellow]
.:Pants:. [Havok] - {HAV} Wild Night /w Belt Denim
.:Sneakers:. [FluxBox] - Bum Crack Black left

Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Night Look

.:Skin:. [LaVie] Demi v2 003 Pale _cleavage NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [Novocaine] - Haruka - champagne
.:Top:. [ROOTS] 00T10001
.:Socks:. [ROOTS] 00L10001.S(80 Den)
.:Skirt:. [ROOTS] 00JS10024 NEW RELEASE
.:Boots:. [*RG*] Girls' Bikers RELOADED -Black
.:Pasties:. [MJs] ST Leopard - Dress - Pasties

Circus Time

.:Hair:. [""D!va""] - "Chisa" (Smoke topaz) GROUP GIFT 
.:Skin:. [PF] - Ember - Fate (redbrow/freck) NEW RELEASE 
.:Chucks:. [FluxBox] - Black & White Crack HUNT GIFT 
.:Dress:. [salt.] - crochet me away tankdress- GROUP GIFT

Cyber Style

.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Liam Skin Gift Tan
.:Hair:. [MADesigns HAIR] -  ~ RUSS ~ NB III v2.0
.:Eye:. [Nibiru] - *np* optical implant 1.7 Large
.:Mask:. [Nibiru] - *NP* Silenced mask 4.0
.:Arm:. [Urufu] - Quadruple Helix Cybernetic Arm
.:Back:. [Nibiru] - *NP* Catalyst Nanocores
.:Pants:. [/artilleri/] - Jonas jeans
.:Shoes:. [Hybrid Prod] - Craft Shoe Black (Left)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Summer Collections

.:Skin:. [Just Me] Jenifer SK - 9 - CL & HB NEW RELEASE
.: Hair:. [PR!TTY] : Karluhh Hair :] :Brunette:
.:Tops:. [PixelDolls] Papillon . Teal . Top on all layers w prims; Beau . Antique . Top on all layers w prims; Reve Top . Rose . NEW COLLECTION
.:Sandals:. [TARA] ToP MegA Heels Empress Silver NEW RELEASE
.:Accessories:. [Fusion] Feather Charm Set (Silver) NEW RELEASE
.:Shorts:. [LIF] chill jeans shorts plain NEW RELEASE

Brown Leather


.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Noah V2 Clean Pale
.:Cap:. [AKEYO] - Cap_SWAT
.:Jacket:. [Aoharu] - LE.LOOK! l'homme - Jacket 
.:Pants:. [DeeTaleZ] - Pants Men tweed pants grey 
.:Boots:. [RedGrave] - Biker Boots -Mud- // 


.:Skin:. [PF] - Ember - Royal (redbrow) NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [TRUTH] - Lara - swedish 
.:Outfit:. [MJs] - The Bronze Lady BOX (complete outfit: includes pants, jacket, two types of tops, shoes, gloves and belt) 

Cleom Designs Bedroom

.:Bedroom:. [Cleom Designs] - Full Bedroom (includes bed with single and couple's poses, kettle cupboardd, hair brush, shelf, closet with mirror, side table with lamp, all scripted)

White Sensation

.:Skin:. [LaVie] Demi v2 005 Bronze _cleavage ( Demi is was released in 5 skin Tones and 15 makeup options, each Makeup comes with a haired Base as well as the cleavage option, a bonus skin with cat liner comes with each makeup.) NEW RELEASE
.:Hair:. [!SyDS! Hair] Je t'aime... moi non plus - Cafe
.:Dress:. [Sassy Kitty Designs] Baby Got Lace Dress White (Group Gift)
.:Leather Vest:. [AOHARU] BT_LeatherRidersVest_SilverWhite
.:Shoes:. [TARA] AnkleHigh Heels LuXury White NEW RELEASE

Home Sweet Home

.:Hair:. [Maitreya] Nimue - Red
.:Skin:. [PF] Ember - Gossip
.:Outfit:. [LeeL] Modern Love Outfit
.:Boots:. [Kookie] Vintage Armarda Boots
.:Couch:. [dollipops] * comfy couch. (comes with poses and texture changer) NEW RELEASE
.:Skibox:. [KOSH] TENDER SUGAR SKYBOX -23 prims-

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Big Bird's Nest

.:Full Avatar:. [Traum]Wild Legion Eagle Male Bald  NEW RELEASE

av from traum with 100% sculpted prims with REAL shadow baked textures.

a TRAUM animation hud with

sits,walks, Groundstands, run, jump, falling, flight ao and many more

Flying Dr0iDFac3

.:Skin:. [Fallen Gods] - ESANGUE xy War dark lips
.:Head:. [Nibiru] - Avyon Skull bore 2.0
.:Mask:. [Nibiru] - Optic Augment PT6
.:Neck:. [Nibiru] - Missing Link v13 M
.:Arms:. [Urufu] - S.U.M.A. arms
.BackPack:. [TigerClaw] - Booster Bag v14.0
.:Shorts:. [Super Possessed] - Part of "Marauder Outfit"
.:Boots:. [TigerClaw] - Combat Boots v1.0

Red Haired Leopard Girl

.:Skin:. [Mynerva] - Cynthia Maple Syrup (cleavage)
.:Eyes:. [Mynerva] - SoulHeart Eyes - GreenWood
.:Hair:. [LeLutka] - LEA2 hair - FireTop
.:Outfit:. [MJs] - The Summer time. Leopard Trikini&Dress (includes trikini, dress, accessories, Sandals)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

See You in My Dreams...


.:Full Outfit:. [Super Possessed] - Revenant~BOXED


.:Eyes:. [Plastik] (T.P)-OniCollection-Magicka-Reed 
.:Hair:. [TRUTH] Lourdes - crow 
.:Taped Fist:. [SiniStyle] Taped Fist 
.:Leggings:. [*LP*] Feb leggings 
.:Outfit:. [Mj's] The Seduction in Black BOX 
 .:Boots:. [TheAbyss] NAU Combat Boots 

Friday, 18 June 2010

Vintage Friday

.:Hair:. [fri.] - Victoria.2 - Dramatic Red
.:Skin:. [*Just Me*] Ashley SK - 12 - CL & HB
.:Dress:. [.salt.] jetbeaded shiner vintage cocktail dress
.:Sandals:. [Maitreya] Gold - Esprit-Xtd Chocolate

Naughty Girl

.:Skin: [Pink Fuel] Ember - Gossip (dkbrow) + hair
.:Hair:. [Magika] Hair - Charming - Brown D
.:Shorts: [KHUSH] - Leia Hotpants - Black
.:Shirt: [KHUSH] - Loose shirt (Black)
.:Sneakers:. [Eret!ka VS Soul's Stret] SOUL's - black and white

Thursday, 17 June 2010

D Cyber Dem0N

.:Head:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* BioMantis Set (MALE ONLY)
.:Arms:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* Color change oln elite Braces (unisex)
.:Belt:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* Drudge Belt
.:Legs:. [Nibiru Prod] - *NP* Oln CyberDemon Hooves
.:Skin:. [Hybrid Prod] - Skin : Prophecies Black Chrome (M)

PinK PassioN

.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - eyes of TRUTH - brown 6 (less veins)
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ EUDORA ~ Copper rust
.:Skin:. [PF] - Ember - Candy NEW RELEASE
.:Body Suit:. [Izzie's] - Frill Suit magenta
.:Shoes:. [B&G] - WOMAN SHOE MELODY - BLANCO - T714

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Summer Sunset

.:Skin:.[ *Just Me*] Ashley SK - 18 - HB
.:Hair:. [.:EMO-tions:.] * KIM * /deepblack NEW RELEASE
.:Dress:. [salt.] summer romance vintage sundress
.:Shoes:. [*YS & YS*] RaiMbow Shoes Bianca

CybEr's r' Us


.:Skin:. [Fallen Gods] - GORAN +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Skin + Boxeur
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ SPARK ~ ASHG I
.:Belt:. [Hybrid Prod] - BOJUJU Skirt Black (Male Fit)
.:Arms:. [Urufu] - Juggernaught Cybernetic Arms
.:Legs:. [Urufu] - Iron Cybernetic Unisex Legs (I.C.U.L.) [boxed]
.:JetPack:. [Urufu] - Jetpack Boxed


.:Hair:. [::::Iren::::] STEAM Hunt past Gift
.:Skin:. [Plastik]-Bael-SpecialEd-NewYork (includes eyes)
.:Outfit:. [MJ's] DevilGirl (Includes Horns, Rings, Boots)
.:Cyber Arm:. [Urufu] Iron Cybernetic Arm Female
.:Cyber Legs:. [Urufu] Iron Cybernetic Unisex Legs (I.C.U.L.)

oh not this robot again...


.:Full Avatar:. [NiMMuE] - B-Series White


.:Hair:. [JUNWAVE] Delila*Black*
.:Skin:. [*Just Me*] Ashley SK - 18 NEW RELEASE
.:Dress:. [Izzie's] - Corset Dress blue
.:Shoes:. [::TARA::] Stiletto Point G Black NEW RELEASE
.:Bangles:. [Izzie's] - *A* Wood Bangles black

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Playground Love

Leuviah's Styling card:

.:Skin:. [::: I CE COCO :::] Scarlett
.:Hair:. [ATOMIC] Hair_Nicole - Soil
.:Accessories:. [~Scribble~] Ever After Mouth Feather
.:Sweater:. [AMERIE] - StripedSweater (Pink)
.:Shorts:. [LeeZu!] FEMME Desert Jeans /blue denim NEW RELEASE
.:Boots:. [ROT] Test Boots Multicolour

I can go anywhere

Leuviah's Styling card

.:Hair:. [!lamb.] Ghost - Snickers
.:Outfit:. [PixelDolls] Margerite (. Shirt Dress . On All Layers) NEW RELEASE
.:Skin:. [*Just Me*] Ashley D - 11 - CL & HB NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:. [::TARA::] Stiletto Point G Black NEW RELEASE
.:Bangles:. [Izzie's] - *A* Wood Bangles black and white

Monday, 14 June 2010

Grunged Cyber Steampunk

.:Skin:. [Fallen Gods] - GORAN +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Portrait Skin
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ JUSTIN ~ NB III
.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - THE HAPPENING - green ambaressment
.:Suit:. [Hybrid Prod] - Blacknight Suit (Boxed)
.:Uzis:. [Section5] - RAFS * S5U - MALE * UziGuN * { Holstered Right}
.:Claws:. [Section5] - * S5 INDUSTRA CLAWS *
.:Boots:. [Section5] - Steampunk Cyber Mixed Neko Pawboots
.:Wings:. [Section5] - Time Cats ^^ {Steam-CyberPunk mixed} Wings V2.1

I Love the Valley

.:Hair:.[LeLutka] -LEA2 hair - Bambie
.:Skin:. [-SU!-] Anne Skin Medium 11
.:Bra:. [Zaara] : LE.LOOK! bra *white*
.:Dress:.[:::LiNe:::] Sudeniz Lilac NEW RELEASE
.:Shoes:.[::] TARA ::] Superb High Heels Purple/white

Necronom's TimeWarP

.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ ANGUS ~ ASHB II
.:Skin:. [Red Grave] - 05b Deep-Tan Skin -Cruz- /chinbeard+hair+bodyhair *REDGRAVE*
.:Mask:. [Necronom] - Cyber gas Mask
.:Heart:. [Necronom] - cyberheart 2.0
.:Arm:. [Necronom]CYBERARM BOX
.:Legs:. [Necronom]NINJA CYBER LEGS 

*The Pic was taken inside the Necronom Mall you should definitely have a look, great place.
Also you must check the upcoming project at Necronom, an awesome game inworld, be amazed:
Sneak Peak

More info at:

Sunday, 13 June 2010


.:Skin:. [Belleza] - LE.LOOK! l'homme - Skin - Thomas v2 LE LOOK
.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ JIN ~ DBR II
.:Outfit:. [SuperPossessed]Marauder  ~ Super Possessed


Candy babe

Leuviah's Styling card:

.:Skin:. [Lara Skin]-Mikaela(gift)
.:Hair:. [>TRUTH<] Lara - swedish
.:Hoodie:. [*C:K*] Haesy Kitty Hoodie - Pink
.:Jeans:. [*LP*] Molniya jeans black/white
.:Sneackers:. [League] Shin Boots & High Tops Fatpack

The Man and the Myth

.:Hair:. [Buried] - [-B-] Ash / +Midnight+
.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - ADAM Goth 1
.:Pants:. [Action] - Unisex Denim Jeans
.:Belt:. [PIXELBODY] - Belt Rockstar - Canvas3
.:Watch:. [Maschienenwerk] - Animated_Digi_Watch
.:Boots:. [Delirium] - D.O.A Boots
.:Tshirt:. [T Junction] - The Man The Myth
.:Eyes:. [ DNA ] - .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 01_] [_EYES_] [_WHITE_]

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Silent Circus

Leuviah's Styling card

.:Skin:. [Curio] Petal-Elf-Soot :GP: Petal [Dark] Elf-Soot 1
.:Hair:. [W&Y] HAIR 55 *TYPE*A
.:Outfit:. [PIG] - Pig - Darling Baby Seal Eggshell
.:Boots:. [.*Courtisane*.] Marie Lu FOOT

.:Furniture: [KOSH] NEW RELEASE
KOSH- SILENT CIRCUS -SET- [black] - for zombiepopcorn carnival deco


.:Skin:. [LaVie] - Noah V2 Clean Pale
.:Hair:. [Anaphora] - Brian_Shades Seal Black
.:Outfit:. [SM] - VIOR UNDER BROWN

On 15th the amazing ZOMBIEPOPCORNSL CARNIVAL OPENS ITS GATES FOR YOU! we have some amazing specials there for you!
watch out for notice tomorrow!

Angels exist...

.:Skin:. [L.Fauna] - {Lapine . Pale 1} [Faberge-FR]
.:Eyes:. [DEN-DOU] - OD4 eyes - LightBrown
.:Outfit:. [EMO-tions] - * FALLEN ANGEL * x NEW RELEASE (complete outfit, includes Hair, dress and boots) 

Crying in the Woods

.:Skin:. [minajunk] - Cry Skin3Type (includes shape, eyes and tears) 
.:Top:. [ATOMIC] - Lucky Chair_Zebra Attack Cami - White
.:Jeans:. [*LP*] - Molniya jeans black/white 
.:Bracelets:. [* LOULOU&CO *] - Bracelets :: ENIGMA :: 
.:Necklace:. [* LOULOU&CO *] -Necklace NOSTALGIA~Black~
.:Sneackers:. [Duh!] - Sneaker Boot 

next gen XENO male ICE + SWORD AO + DCs2 by TRAUM

.:Full Avatar:. [TRAUM]next gen XENO male ICE + SWORD AO + DCs2
comes with: 
5 sit animations
5 ground sit animations
5 stand animations
flying animations
swimming animations
run, walk, jump, crouch, stand crouch, and landing 

28 unique TRAUM animations 
+ 12 animation combo weapon demonstration. (outside from the AO) its a gesture. 
+ giant blade set. *comes with 3 in 1 blade*
short xeno bastard sword
xeno bastard sword
giant xeno bastard sword

*Since i liked this mall so much i took the pic right outside the store, this is a MUST GO place! And check all the other amazing Traum Outfits, they re worth it! We'll try and post as much as we can :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

>>GothiCatz<< Obsidian


.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - BOYD ~ NB III
.:Skin:. [-Belleza-] - Thomas V2 Deep Tan
.:Glasses:. [ glow ] - Shutter Shades night version
.:Outfit:. [>>GothiCatz<<] - Obsidian (includes Shoulders, Belt, Pants and shirt)
.:Boots:. [Super Possessed] -Part of "Revenant" Outfit
.:Weapon:. [Super Possessed]Redemption 


.:Hair:. [>TRUTH<] - Avery - sangria
.:Skin:. [-Belleza-] - Alyson MED Group gift HB (cleavage)
.:Outfit:. [>>GothiCatz<<] - Unquiet (Includes Shoulder, Skirt, shirt and Leggings)
.:Bracelet:. [+grasp+] - /Leather Bracelet/for group(Boxed)
.:Weapon:. [Super Possessed] - Redemption~Blade
.:Boots:. [BAX] - Prestige Boots Black Leather


Leuviah's Styling card:

.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] PROMISE eyes - brown pale 11
[LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-NEVER(L Brows) hairbase

.:Hair:.[TRUTH] Marnie swedish
.:Top:.[a piece of candy] keyes white top
.:Suit:.[LeeZu!] Pariizian Suit /air
.:Boots:.[*RG*] Madonna Heels -White- *REDGRAVE* NEW RELEASE

Beach Baby

Leuviah's Styling card:

.:Skin:. [LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-NEVER(L Brows)hairbase
.:Hair:. [Nikita Fride] Bright Yemaya Hair - Coffee
.:Bikini:. [Nikita Fride] =^.^= NIKITA FRIDE - Bikini Moist
.:Bracelet:. [JB] * Pretties by JB * TMRHE Gift - Bubble Bracelet -
.:Shoes:. [JB] Ballerina Slipper Shoe



.:Hair:. [COLORS] - 28 Soil
.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - ADAM Tan 3 Bald NEW RELEASE
.:Glasses:. [ glow ] - studio - Shutter Shades day version A (sculpted)
.:Shirt:. [ Mr.Poet ] - Houndstooth Blouse B
.:Tanktop:. [Mini Me] - STFU? Ink Tank
.:Pants:. [Mini Me] - Tweed Pants 003
.:Sneakers:. [Maschienenwerk] - Leather_Chucks


.:Hair:.[friday] - Cameron - Cranky Brown
.:Skin:. [Lara Skin] -free*Michelle Goth*
.:Shirt:.[Mini Me] . Mini Me . Vintage Autumn Black
.:Pants:. [Mini Me] . Mini Me . RiseUp Jeans - (Grey)
.:Boots:. [*RG*] Girls' Bikers RELOADED -Black- *REDGRAVE*
.:Glasses:[.PR!TTY] : I look So Smart + :Q :Shades + Chain:
.:Belt:. [Mini Me] . Mini Me . RiseUp Jeans Lily Belt (black/yellow)
.: Other Accessories: [:Fusion:] Feather Charm Set (Silver)


.:Hair:. [CheerNo] - CHEERNO Simple TIFANNYS
.:Skin:. [CheerNo] - Wady_Light/IM-ON-FIRE Skin 
.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - INTENSE - joyous
.:Shirt:. [ Mr.Poet ] - Off shoulder shirt Black (Includes Tanktop)
.:Belt:. [Hybrid Prod] - HPX Belt Black (Male Fit)
.:Pants:. [CheerNo] - HANK Pants/Sea-L_Cuff
.:Sneakers:. [AKEYO] - shoes_SUPERCORA

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Street BoY

.:Hat:. [AKEYO] - jeepCAP_Camo-Grey
.:Skin:. [MIASNOW] - Skin - ADAM Tan fatpack 1-8 +shape/brow
.:Shirt:. [*BOOM*] - Black Plain Shirt
.:Shorts:. [CheerNo] - ZEBRA shorts/DR
.:Sneakers:. [AKEYO] - AKIDAZ III 

NiMMuE C-Series

.:Full Avatar:. [NiMMuE]NiMMuE C-Series

TC SWAT police


.:Complete Outfit:. [Tigerclaw] TC SWAT police ver 4.1

(Outfit includes: gas mask, helmet, armor, pants, jacket, weapons and scripted boots)

Road to NOwhere


.:Skin:. [LeLutka] - LOLA_skissed-makeup4
.:Eyes:.[MADesigns]  - PROMISE eyes - brown pale 11
.:Hair:.[the dressing room] - "Skylar" Hair [FAB.PONY] *4-PACK*
.:Jeans:. [*LP*]  - September jeans
.:Top:. [R.icielli] - Dressing Room (part of the outfit) SHINY minitop/ nude + ETA jeans /fresh
.:Boots:. [*RG*] - Girls' Bikers RELOADED -Caramel- *REDGRAVE*
.:Bracelet:. [ :::Sole Comp:::] - leather BRACELET Female
.:Face Diamonds:. [~Scribble~] - Diamonds? Sugar? Same thing

.:Car:. [Pro Street Cars] - HotRod - Black -


.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - FORD -NBIII
.:Skin:. [Plastik] - Vaelian Sulfur Plain
.:Eyes:. [MADesigns] - EYES_REFLEKTOR - dead forest
.:Shirt:. [AOHARU] - BT_StripeShirt_White
.:Pants:.[+grasp+] - Leopard Jeans(choice winter2009)
.:Boots:. [hoorenbeek] - : LE.LOOK! l'homme - Boots

.:Car:. [Pro Street Cars] - ELEANOR Gray / Black Stripes