Saturday, 12 June 2010

next gen XENO male ICE + SWORD AO + DCs2 by TRAUM

.:Full Avatar:. [TRAUM]next gen XENO male ICE + SWORD AO + DCs2
comes with: 
5 sit animations
5 ground sit animations
5 stand animations
flying animations
swimming animations
run, walk, jump, crouch, stand crouch, and landing 

28 unique TRAUM animations 
+ 12 animation combo weapon demonstration. (outside from the AO) its a gesture. 
+ giant blade set. *comes with 3 in 1 blade*
short xeno bastard sword
xeno bastard sword
giant xeno bastard sword

*Since i liked this mall so much i took the pic right outside the store, this is a MUST GO place! And check all the other amazing Traum Outfits, they re worth it! We'll try and post as much as we can :)

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