Monday, 14 June 2010

Necronom's TimeWarP

.:Hair:. [MADesigns] - HAIR::. ~ ANGUS ~ ASHB II
.:Skin:. [Red Grave] - 05b Deep-Tan Skin -Cruz- /chinbeard+hair+bodyhair *REDGRAVE*
.:Mask:. [Necronom] - Cyber gas Mask
.:Heart:. [Necronom] - cyberheart 2.0
.:Arm:. [Necronom]CYBERARM BOX
.:Legs:. [Necronom]NINJA CYBER LEGS 

*The Pic was taken inside the Necronom Mall you should definitely have a look, great place.
Also you must check the upcoming project at Necronom, an awesome game inworld, be amazed:
Sneak Peak

More info at:

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